We are m5 Marketing New Hampshire. We are part of Group m5, a leader in marketing strategies in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. m5 New Hampshire is a small agency that’s able to provide our clients big results through undivided attention and personalized service – all backed by the size and resources of our parent company.

Group m5

Group m5 produces world-class marketing communications strategies and innovative creative for an ever-growing family of clients. Group m5, has 143 permanent employees and offices in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and New Hampshire. With expertise in everything from branding and social marketing, to public relations and research, to digital and direct marketing, to web development and audio/visual production, we deliver excellence to a vast array of clients across North America.

Inspired by Understanding

Inspired by Understandingis the core of what m5 stands for. At m5, our cross-functional teams are inspired to create great work, but all within a strategic discipline. That’s what keeps varied functions like creative, development, digital media all working towards the same goal. It’s also how we continue to evolve and create innovative work that gets results.

M5 New Hampshire

So, if you’re looking for big-agency results, with the highly personalized service and attention to detail of a boutique agency, give the team at m5 New Hampshire a holler. We’ll chat. We love to chat.

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